Since 1995, the Destination Group has served clients who require due diligence, marketing and technical services in commercial real estate, consumer markets,luxury hospitality, the cruise industry and more recently biotech, life-saving vaccine development.

We are humbled and thankful to our clients who have hired us to manage over $14 billion in commercial real estate online for over two decades.

We would like to especially recognize: Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Colony Capital, CNL Commercial Net Lease Realty, Windrose Medical REIT, Kimco REIT, New Plan Excel REIT, Pan Pacific Realty REIT, Price REIT, Tishman International, Redstone Commercial, Donahue Schriber, the Las Vegas Hilton, Hotel Renew, Aston Hotels and Resorts, Acres4SaleUSA and several privately owned commercial properties by family office or individuals.

The depth of our skills are rooted in over 20 years of digital marketing, web technologies, and medical research within our growing network of partners at home and overseas.

Our founder Tom Brady graduated from UC Berkeley in 1984 and now serves on a medical board for TPIRC.org in Long Beach, CA for a life changing Pulmonary Translational Immunology Clinical team. This medical team was founded by triple board certified Dr. Inderpal Randhawa and staff who deliver successful treatment to patients facing cystic fibrosis or 1 in 10 Americans who deal with severe food allergies.


Having entered the world of patient care, clinical research, non-profit fund raising, and drug discovery, we allocate resources and capital to support the investigation of long term health goals, preventive medicine and cancer therapies.


For example, we are supporting the breakthrough science and the synthetic vaccine research and clinical trials for Flow Pharma www.FlowPharma.com in the USA and Asia, especially China where 1 in 6 residents are suffering from a form of cancer. www.immunityproject.org

We are also engaged with www.SafeinHome.com a daily 24 x 7 pro-active non-invasive monitoring of seniors living alone who wish to stay in touch with family members automatically via smartphone technology. We see this market growing well past 10 million seniors this year in the USA and nearly 94 Million households with parents living alone in China.

While supporting the cruise industry for the past 16 years was financially rewarding and personally enjoyable for the staff and spouses, we embarked upon a new course and wish our long standing cruise industry partners, lines, and over 14,000 agents the best in the days ahead. We appreciate those memories; however, we are focused on supporting REITS, large commercial real estate transactions in the $10 Million - $4 Billion range USD.

On the medical side, we are dedicated to the work of our clients and partners whose scientific breakthroughs and health care solutions on a global scale for governments and national health care systems take a higher priority.